About Us


The Brand
Fuelled by a headstrong and rebellious spirit, Chainless Brain aims to epitomize the boldness and independence of the contemporary woman, and its finely crafted jewellery aims to be an extrapolation of her inner spirit. Its designs are expertly crafted from precious metals such as 18K Gold, 925 Silver and other materials, and range from simple DIY creations to experimental and quirky pieces of fine jewellery.

The brand’s emblem of a Swallow perched upon an emboldened capital C is symbolic of Chainless Brain's unrelentless search of new materials and inspirations to reinvent its designs, while remaining true to its ethos, firmly lodged within the loyalty of a swallow unfailingly returning to its nest.



The Designer
Alverina Wijaya studied Jewellery Design at Raffles Design Institute in Singapore and went on to graduate in Fashion Marketing and Management from ISEM in Paris, the fashion capital of effortless and forward thinking style. Inspired by the liberating experience of creation, Alverina kickstarted Chainless Brain upon her return.


If you are a designer yourself, and would like to work with us, please feel free to drop us an email at info@chainlessbrain.com


Customization orders are welcome.


"We believe everyone is unique and we deserve to own at least a piece of jewellery that just belongs to us."